Monday, September 12, 2011

Smurfday Party

Final post I think...
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For the party/play date we had the day after Pixie's Smurfday dinner we just had snacks. The kids played outside.

I did move her name sign above the banner.
It was so fun to pull out my serving dishes, pedestals I've used for parties and tea parties. 
Papa Smurf's Smurfberry juice- Lemonade and I made blueberry ice cubes with a star muffin tin. The ice cubes melted fast and tinted the lemonade
Gardener Smurf's Grapes
Handy Smurf's 2x4's - pretzel sticks
Candy galore
Smurfette's Smurfalicious Sweets- Gumballs, candy bracelets, Guava candies, toffee strings
Blue and White York Peppermint Patti pieces
Greedy Smurf's Smurfberries- Twix Wildberry cereal
Brainy's Nerds
Papa Smurf's Smurf Powder- Pixy Sticks
Gutsy's Can you handle the heat poppers- fireballs
Grumpy Smurf's Sourpuss treats- Lemon heads
I made the water labels

Nom noms...

I took the Smurfs out of the pedestal under the cake and replaced it with tissue paper and a printout.

Gardener Smurf

Candy and Smurfberry Juice

Toadstool Garden Grapes

Bags I had out for the kids to fill to take candy home. Sorry for the pathetic photoshopping I did to remove her name.
I also made goodie bags for everyone. With pencils, coloring books, little toys and a Smurf. Same label as above, just a bigger bag. You can see them in the back on the table.

The girls had a BLAST. I don't have pictures of Piglet by herself and I don't like to post pictures of other people's children, so no pictures of her.

LOVE this picture of her.

She played until she was all tuckered out...

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