Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Friday

Happy Friday!!
I'm working on a Smurf birthday dinner for Pixie. I can't wait to share it with her and the family! I'm so excited.
Believe it or not I didn't spend a dime on the projects below. I have paper, glue and ribbon that I haven't used in like five years. I finally put it to good use!
Here's a picture of part of the unfinished banner.
 Banner all ready to be hung up!
 Under the "Happy Smurfday" banner, Smurf figurines will be holding these protest signs, that spell out her name.
I also made this banner for her cake, I'm going to tie it on to skewers. Place some Smurf figurines in place to "hold" them up. This is the back of the banner, the front has her name on it. This was so easy I just sewed the paper flags on to the ribbon. It took me ten minuets total.
I also made this quick hat from an old T-shirt sleeve scrap that I made the capes out of, click here for the no sew cape tutorial. I use the term made, loosley. All I did was stitch the one end together, one long line and that's it. The sleeve fit right over her head LOL.

OH I made some fondant and shaped these toadstools! Don't laugh, other than the girls easy bake type of mix fondant, I've never worked with it.

I also cut some radishes to look like toadstools. I saw these on Pinterest.

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What are you all working on?
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