Friday, December 18, 2009

Yogurt Cheese/Yogurt in the oven.

Yogurt cheese is mild so it is great marinated with different herbs, fruit, and it's easy to make. You can use store bought yogurt or make your own. If you don't have a yogurt maker you can use your oven or crock pot. My parents don't use either of those items, they make the yogurt and wrap the pot in in towels and put it in a warm place. There is a an oven method at the bottom of this post.

Yogurt Cheese
Plain Yogurt
Fine sieve
Bowl to set the sieve over
Plastic wrap

Place a few layers of cheese cloth into a sieve that will fit over the bowl and not touch the bottom. The whey will drain into the bowl so you don't want the bottom of the sieve to be in contact with it. Place the sieve over the bowl and put yogurt onto the top of the cheesecloth. Cover with plastic wrap and place it into the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Pour the whey out of the bowl as needed. When the yogurt cheese is thick enough to handle scoop it into balls with a small cookie scoop.
I placed this batch into a jar, with red sea salt, red pepper flakes and olive oil.
You can also serve yogurt cheese on bagels with fruit preserves, roll the yogurt balls in paprika or fresh dill and serve with crackers or bread.

Oven Yogurt

1/2 gallon of raw milk or store bought milk (whole)
1/4 cup yogurt, plain

Place the milk in a heavy pot and heat until just steaming and then remove from heat. Let the milk cool until 110-115 degrees. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 175 degrees. I currently have a gas stove, electric will have more residual heat and that will give you better results.
Once the milk has cooled gently stir in the yogurt. Cover the pot and wrap it in a thick towel.
Turn the oven off.

Put the wrapped pot in the oven, close the door and leave it alone for 4-6 hours.

Let the yogurt chill before transferring it to a container for storage. Pour the whey off or use a ladle to skim it off the top.

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