Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chrysanthemum cake

Happy Birthday Diva! Yes, it was last month, but I'm finally posting.
I made this whole wheat carrot cake for her. Recipe for the cake and frosting HERE. One day I'd love to try this cake with walnuts, but Diva is allergic so I never make it that way. Maybe I'll make cupcakes and put some walnuts in part of the batter. Anyway. I have most of my kitchen items in storage, in the basement in tubs. I don't have room for it here. The thing is I don't like hunting through boxes. So no cake tips and piping bags. I used a zip top bag to do this. I also added a little bit of pink food coloring to the bag, like this HERE

This is a four layer cake. I made two square cakes. Cut each layer in half horizontally. Assembled the cake. Put a thin crumb coating of frosting on the cake, then refrigerated it to set the frosting. Then I put another layer of frosting on the sides of the cake. I did at one point use my crinkle cutter to add texture to the sides but I took it off and decided to just keep it plain. For the chrysanthemum I just piped little Hershey kiss mounds on top of the cake. I didn't realize it looked like a flower until someone mentioned it.

This was a fun and easy cake to do. Believe me I am NO expert at cake making. 
My sweet girls is SEVEN! AGGGHHHH.
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