Friday, October 18, 2019

Test Track Cool Wash- Epcot

Here is another post from our Orlando trip! I am not going to do a separate blog post for every snack we had on our trip, I will try to put them in one post per park... maybe. This post just happens to be one I started while we were in Orlando. This fun place is by the Test Track in Epcot. It's called the Test Track Cool Wash. Right when you get off of the ride and go through the exit you walk straight and see it. It is fairly new I believe it opened just this month. You get to build your own slushie and add toppings, all nut free. The beauty of it is that cast members build it for you after you fill out a little form. Read: no sticky floor and mess from over filled cups by the public. No toppings all mixed in and dropped into other containers.

I should have gotten better photos they give you a little slip where you can mark what flavors and toppings you want. It was really cute. I didn't have one of these but both DH and my oldest enjoyed theirs and would go back. I did try one of the popping boba because I hadn't tried that flavor. It was good, I think it was passion fruit? One note about the toppings is that the straws are the smaller paper straws, not actual boba straws so grab a spoon. It's a permanent stall with open air seating, so it's not covered but there are trees around for shade.

Test Track Cool Wash
By the test track
Snack credit if you're using Disney Dining Plan
Build your own...slushies.
Slushies flavors include: banana, orange, cola, cherry etc. 
Toppings include: Spice drops, Pop Rocks, popping boba

You can see the seating area in this photo. It's under an open area. 

If you don't want to build your own, they have some flavors you can pick also!

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