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Peasread: Son Of The Shadows (Sevenwaters #2)

If you read my review on Daughter of The Forest, you know that I really like this author. Son Of  The Shadows was a good book, I really liked it. The story was a good one, a great one even. It had elements, situations, and characters that could have made it just as good as Daughter Of The Forest. It took me twice as long to read this book than the first because I just wasn't as convinced that the characters were as good as Ms. Marillier intended for them to be. I liked the characters, but I didn't connect with them as I did with the first book in this series. There will be spoilers in this review.
This story picks up after Sorcha and her husband have settled in at Sevenwaters.
Years have past, some of the Sorcha's brothers have passed away and there is a new generation of children. Sorcha's children. Niamh, the eldest daughter beautiful and full of life at the start of the book. She reminds me of the girl who simply wants "more" out of life. Adventure, love, passion. There could have been a whole book about Niamh and her sad story.  Sean, who is heir to Sevenwaters, and takes on responsibilities as he gleans from his uncle Liam. Then there is our heroine, Laiden. Sean's twin, she is a healer like her mother at 16 years of age. Unlike her mother Laiden isn't as convicted to follow the path that the Fair Folk are guiding her towards. She is a girl who is content at home she doesn't desire seek anything more than what is at Sevenwaters.

At the start, Niamh falls in love with a young Druid and is seen by Laiden laying with him. There is just a mention of it, nothing graphic. Due to a family secret that wasn't revealed to the children this union can not be. Niamh is forced to marry someone else and the Druid disappears leaving her to believe she is unworthy. This incident and Sorcha falling ill is the beginning of the family's struggles. 
Laiden is approached by a strong ally and family friend and he asks to marry her. She gives no answer other than that she would consider the proposal. This man has sworn to kill the leader of a dangerous group of men (The Painted Men) who he says murdered some of his guards. This is when we first hear of the Painted Men. But no more is spoken of them until Laiden accompanies Niamh to send her off to her new home. On the way back Laiden is kidnapped by a two men who belong the group of Painted Men. They want her to nurse their friend back to health. This is where the main characters meet.
Laiden ends up falling in love with the enemy of her family and their allies. He (Bran) happens to be the leader of these Painted Men. The story moved fast from here without as much depth to the characters which made it hard to root for them. Once Bran finds out who Laiden's family is he wants nothing to do with her because he blames her family for his past. His past is a mystery that reveals itself slowly throughout the book. Laiden finds out she is pregnant and decides to keep the father a secret from everyone, she is determined to stay a Sevenwaters. Unlike Niamh, she is not sent away. It seemed there was a double standard there. What Niamh did was wrong, and they family dealt with her situation quickly and swiftly. It seemed for Laiden that she had struggles but life still continued for her at Sevenwaters.
Laiden has the baby and continues to struggle with keeping his father a secret all while being pursued by the man who has vowed to kill Bran. 
This is a story about family, their love for one another, mistakes made, secrets, regrets. It was also a love story. The thread of deep, true love still continues from the first in this series through this book. It just wasn't written as beautifully as Sorcha's love story was written. Is it possible to be unsatisfied and still like a book? If so then that's what I am feeling.

Son Of The Shadows
Originally published: 1999
Author: Juliet Marillier
Preceded by: Daughter of the Forest
Followed by: Child of the Prophecy
Page count: 462
Genre: Historical fantasy

Would I read it again? Maybe.
Would I recommend it to adults? Yes, but only because it's the second in a series.
What about teens? Depends on the teen. There is torture, not too graphic. Sexual encounters (though not graphic).
3 out of five stars.

1 star – didn’t like it
2 stars – it was OK
3 stars – liked it
 4 stars – really liked it
5 stars – it was amazing

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