Monday, March 7, 2011

Georgetown Cupcakes

I reviewed this place before HERE. (BY this place I mean the Bethesda location.) BUT, this is a different review- read on. I went with Pixie one morning and picked up some Campfire S'mores cupcakes- it was the secret flavor of the day. If you like their facebook page HERE. Georgetown cupcakes posts a flavor of the day and they give 100 of them away FREE.  These cupcakes were AMAZING. So VERY good. Not dry and crumbly, the icing was flavorful and not too sweet and toasted marshmallows on top? Perfect, and they aren't even homemade marshmallows, which would have been DIVINE. All of the cupcakes we had this time around were moist and DELISH, aside from one- but more on that later.
Customer service was wonderful, the staff was friendly, packed up the half dozen I ordered carefully and even held on to them for me while Pixie and I went out to lunch. Once we came back to pick up our cupcakes the girls remembered me, had my cupcakes ready for me and gladly swapped a flavor out for me because I wanted to try the Pumpkin Spiced cupcake they had.
In our half dozen we had 
Mint Cookies and Creme (1)
Red Velvet (2)
Pumpkin Spiced (1)
Vanilla Birthday (2)
The girls and DH had a favorite and that was the Mint Cookies and Creme. I admit it was VERY good. Perfect cookies and creme cake with a minty frosting. (I split all of the cupcakes into quarters so we got a little of everything.)
Red Velvet- I LOVE red velvet cake. I have a recipe here. Maybe that's why I have such high standards, not because I make the best there is or because I have the best recipe, but because it's one of my favorites so I want it to be perfect. Whatever that is. These cupcakes were good but not really moist. Not dry but just not as moist as the other cupcakes were. But who are we kidding, we gobbled both of these cupcakes up. They were still yummy.
Pumpkin Spiced- I admit, I kept this one all to myself. I actually forgot about it, until the net morning so it wasn't as fresh as the others but it wasn't dried out. The cake was spiced with a good pumpkin flavor and the frosting was a maple cream cheese. NOM NOM NOM. 
Vanilla Birthday- What you'd expect from a vanilla birthday cake with butter cream frosting and sprinkles. My only complaint- which isn't really a complaint is that the butter cream was so rich. I am just not a huge frosting person though, it would be perfect anyone who does like butter cream. It is a "real" butter cream, you can tell it's good butter.
SO there you have it, my review is quite the opposite from the last time. My thoughts are that maybe
1- they have improved
2- my last review was on an off day
3- it was REALLY hot out when I did my last review and because the cupcakes are kept out in the open they had the air conditioning CRANKED up so the cupcakes got dried out
Who knows.  Now my other beef. Parking. I discovered a parking garage... across the street. So parking isn't so bad, you do have to pay during the weekday, but there's PARKING. I here you can also get to Georgetown Cupcakes easily on the Metro but I didn't do that.
All in all I love this place and will be back. Tomorrow. And the day after...
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