Saturday, May 29, 2010

Georgetown Cupcakes- Washington DC/Maryland

Sometimes you just need a cupcake you don't bake yourself. What is it about cupcakes that people love? Is it because you can pick several flavors? They are "little" so you can eat more of them. (You know you tell yourself that too.) I've gone to cupcake shops before, and blogged about them here. I'll be honest, I really liked the cupcakes at Georgetown cupcakes. BUT I didn't LOVE them. If I'm going to pay $30 bucks for a dozen cupcakes, they need to be GOOD. Like lick the paper, Press your finger to get all the crumbs off the napkin good. I'm just cheap like that. These were not as moist as I like my cupcakes/cakes. The butter cream and cream cheese icing was good. The red velvet was on the dry side. The cherry blossom was delish, not overly sweet, full of cherry flavor... and seasonal :-). I guess I just don't feel like any of them were worth writing home about.Or fighting to get a parking space for. I may try them again. Maybe it was an off day.
We went to the Bethesda location. Clean, trendy, fun. Really what a specialty place that only serves one kind of item should be. You should walk in and feel pampered and not feel like you don't want to walk out with a dozen of these beauties. The cupcakes were all displayed beautifully. The customer service was wonderful. The lady who packaged ours dropped our box. She checked them and as you can see some got damaged. She was going to toss them and replace them for me. I reassured her several times that it wasn't necessary. Seriously? These weren't for a party or anything, so no biggie to me. Still awesome that she offered.
I reviewed Georgetown Cupcakes again, HERE. Much better experience.
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