Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Peasread: Carnegie's Maid

Carnegie's Maid
Marie Benedict
Pages 288
ISBN 9781492646617
Publisher SOURCEbooks

At 288 pages Carnegie's Maid is a quick read, perfect for a lazy afternoon. Once I started I couldn't put it down. This book is about Clara Kelley who is an Irish immigrant. She arrives in Pittsburgh to find work so she can send money back home to her family. Clara is mistaken for a girl who was experienced to come work as a lady's maid. Clara takes on the missing girls identity and takes on the job of lady's maid for Mrs. Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie's mother. 

Clara and Mr. Carnegie strike up a conversation about poetry, which leads to more conversations. Conversations about business, wealth, status. Clara's father had made sure she was educated and could read even though he was a farmer. It turns out that Clara has a mind for business and she becomes friends with Andrew, but as their friendship grows she finds it harder to conceal her true identity and keep her family safe with the money she sends home from her job. They are still very much bound by their status as "master" and "servant".  Will Clara risk her job that provides for her family for this love?
This was such an interesting take on why Andrew Carnegie became such a great philanthropist with such an inspiring legacy. The ending of this book was both beautiful and heart breaking. Many immigrants have come to this country for a better life, a better start. This book shares much of the heartache and beauty that they face/d.

Would I read it again? YES!
Would I recommend it? YES!
This book is a clean read. Great for teens and up.

FOUR stars.

1 star – didn’t like it
2 stars – it was OK
3 stars – liked it
 4 stars – really liked it
5 stars – it was amazing

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