Thursday, August 24, 2017

Peasread: Seer Of Sevenwaters

Thank you Juliet Marillier for writing another Sevenwaters book that I really liked! Okay, I've liked most all of them, but some I liked a little less, and some a little more. Seer of Sevenwaters, I liked a little more. It is about another of Lord Sean and Lady Aisling's daughters, Sibeal. Sibeal is a young seer who has known her path since she was younger. She is called to join the Druids. Before she takes her final vow does she visits Clodagh and her other family on the Island of Inis Eala. This island is where Johnny trains his elite warriors. While Sibeal is on the island there is a shipwreck. Three mysterious survivors are found. Knut, a warrior who everyone on the island likes and makes friends with. His wife, Svala, who is strange in her behavior and she does not speak.

The other survivor is badly injured and has amnesia. His name is Felix, part of the story is told from his narrative. So it goes back and forth between he and Sibeal. They form a connection right away as Sibeal is the one who finds Felix washed up. She sits with him and tends to his health. He is a scholar and as his memories come back dark secrets unfold that may put him and others in danger. There is a conflict within him about how much he should reveal.

As Sibeal seeks to understand and help Svala and Felix it is determined that a quest must be taken to , this doesn't happen until mid book, which might be slow to some. I liked the foundation Marillier gave. I didn't feel like the first part of the book was boring, it was still intriguing to me. The quest is a dangerous one with many unknowns. When the ship they take reaches the mysterious island that Svala and Felix are drawn towards there are surprises and revealing of true characters.
Throughout the book as Sibeal and Filex's friendship grows, Sibeal is conflicted by her feelings for Felix and her calling to become a Druid. She knows what she's been called to since childhood, but can she turn her back to love?
This book moves at a steady pace, it's intriguing and a little suspenseful. I am a fan of Selkie mythology and there was a bit of it in this story. Here's one thing to consider though, much of the books in the Sevenwaters series are similar. Female heroine, a romance that unfolds, sometimes similarly. However the story telling and writing style of Juliet Marillier, the Druid aspect, Irish folklore and fantasy is
 fun to read, 

Would I recommend it to adults? Yes
What about teens? No, but Young Adult yes.
Clean read? There is nudity, mention of rape, violence, death. Nothing too graphic but still there.

4 stars
1 star – didn’t like it
2 stars – it was OK
3 stars – liked it
 4 stars – really liked it
5 stars – it was amazing

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