Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Jello cups.
I haven't had Rainbow Jello is years. This is not a hard dessert to make at all. It's really quite simple, just time consuming. You make each layer after the prior layer has set. That perhaps is the hardest part, the waiting. If you don't time it right you get messy layers (as shown above). You can make this is a large pan and just the Jello into squares after also.
Place a silicone mat under the Jello containers so they don't slide when you transfer them.
I have seen this Rainbow Jello made several ways. With milk, evaporated milk,  and sour cream in place of the yogurt. Some recipes have a layer of sweetened condensed milk and Knox gelatin with layers of regular Jello in between. . A friend made some over the holidays once and she used vanilla ice cream instead of sour cream or yogurt. Which worked well as the cool ice cream helped the layers chill quicker. Like I said, not a difficult recipe, just time consuming but it's a fun dessert and works well because it can be made ahead of time. That, and you don't have to turn your oven on in heat of Spring/Summer.
You can see from some of the pictures that my layers are uneven. You can make sure your layers are even by using a measuring cup to pour a precise amount of Jello into each container. Of course if you use one big container it'll look nice and even. I also wasn't concerned about bubbles on top of the "extra" containers of jello. The extra containers look sloppy but still taste great!

Do you make Jello "salads"? Which is your favorite? My MIL makes one with strawberries and pretzels which sounds so odd but it's pretty good.

Rainbow Jello

Three ounce boxes of Jello in whatever colors and flavors you like
For each three ounce box of Jello you'll need:
1 cup just boiled water
1/3 cup sour cream, plain Greek yogurt*
  1. Dissolve one box of Jello with one cup of just boiled water. 
  2. Stir well until all the jello is dissolved.
  3. Pour one cup of mixture into a separate container and set aside.
  4. Stir one cup of sour cream with one cup of Jello mixture.
  5. Pour this mixture into smaller containers or a rectangular baking dish.
  6. Place the container/s into the refrigerator and let it set or just set.
  7. Carefully pour reserved Jello mixture over the just set layer and return this to the refrigerator to just set/set.
  8. Prepare next box of Jello whole the previous layer sets, so that it's not too warm to pour over the just set layer.
  9. Keep building layers until you have used all of your boxes of  Jello.

*I liked to put a silicone mat on a cookie sheet under the small containers so that they don't slide around when transferring them in and out of the refrigerator. You can lift the whole sheet at once saving you trips to the fridge, and the silicone mat helps the jello containers stay put.
* A friend of mine uses vanilla ice cream, this works very well because the cold ice cream helps the layers set quicker.

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