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Peasread: Heir To Sevenwaters

I can't help but finish the books in this Sevenwaters series. I am actually done and have been but writing out a review it just takes more effort. This fourth installment by Juliet Marillier was pretty good. I liked it, I will say none of them have compared to Daughter of the Forest. Still I feel that the  fantasy aspect is back, it was not as prevalent in the last book. There was magic of course, as Fianne had magic powers. This is just a different, other world setting that I liked.

This book follows Clodagh, daughter of Lord Sean and Lady Aisling. Lady Aisling is expecting her seventh child, she is older now and is past what is considered safe child bearing age. Clodagh steps in to manage the household. Her father is both worried about her mother and dealing with threats to the Sevenwaters boarders. Clodagh is no healer, she doesn't have special powers other than communicating with her twin through the mind. She is empathetic, compassionate, and gets things done though. It was neat to see a Sevenwaters heroine that wasn't a gifted healer, or that possessed the magic of a druid/sorceress. 
When the time comes, Finbar, the baby is born. He is the first boy, and now in line to be heir. There is a question to how this will work because Laiden's son, Johnny was to be Sean's heir because Lord Sean had six girls. Before any of this is addressed Finbar is abducted, and left in his place is a strange mass of sticks and rocks with a baby's likeness, a Changling. Clodagh was supposed to be watching Finbar, but she was talking to a druid named Cathal for a moment. Cathal has secrets of his own, and a past that even he can only speculate about. The thing about the Changling baby is that Clodagh can hear it crying, but no one else can. She is drawn to protect it and to find her brother. To find answers Clodagh takes the Changling who she names Becon, to the Otherworld to exchange him. She must face the Prince there, who is cunning and has dark reasons for drawing Clodagh there.
This was a good book, I love the Irish folklore and the story. The ending was great, the issue of who will be the heir to Sevenwaters is tied up neatly. 

Would I recommend it to adults? Yes
What about teens? No, but Young Adult yes.

1 star – didn’t like it
2 stars – it was OK
3 stars – liked it
 4 stars – really liked it
5 stars – it was amazing

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SPOILER alert: This is a clean read.There is some violence as a baby is abducted, Becon is thrown into a fire (though he is not a human child it's very sad and heartbreaking for Clodagh), there is some kissing, and there is mention of homosexuality.

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