Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 School Lunches 96-111

It's almost Spring! I can't believe how fast this year is going. I sound like an old lady because I say that all the time now. I'm an old lady. Sigh. It's also cookie season, like Girl Scout cookie season. So that's why the first two lunches so far this week have Girl Scout cookies in them.

This quick snacky Yumbox is filled with
Oyster crackers
Thin Mints
This was packed for Pixie's World Thinking Day event for Girl Scouts.

A Quick Fried Rice  (show below)
Mango slices
Thin Mints

I can always get my kids to eat Fried Rice so it's an easy go to if I have leftover rice. Which I try to make extra rice every chance I get.

We had some girls over to watch women's soccer and we ordered pizza, another perfectly packable leftover!
There are also cheese crackers and veggies and dip.
The next two sets of lunches are packed in Planetbox Rovers.
The top:
Chicken salad

Chicken Cesar Salad
Pita bread (THIS is the best recipe ever. I love this recipe.)

Above is another Quick Fried Rice lunch day :)
Have a great week!!!

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