Friday, December 30, 2016

Tacos and Taco Salads

Taco meat from the Instant Pot means less hands on time!!
Sooo. Christmas has come and gone, leftovers are eaten up. How about something simple and easy? Tacos? Taco Salad? How about in the Instant Pot? Taco meat? In the Instant Pot? Yes. I was skeptical but this works. I know that taco meat is so easy to do on the stove. My kids have been doing it since eight years of age. But, why not try something new. I have not let me children use the Instant Pot yet.
This method for making taco meat isn't necessarily a time saver. But it takes less hands on time. While the pressure cooker is doing it's thing vegetables can be prepped, the internet can be surfed. Christmas decorations can be put away. So there's that. 

The meat breaks up so very easily!
The meat breaks up so easily after it's cooked. There is also the fact that there is no grease splatter to wipe up after. Pretty much a win. You can use a wooden spoon, stand mixer, hand mixer, or mix and chop to break up the meat.
Homemade taco seasoning, I keep a jar on hand for quick meals.
My taco seasoning can be found here. It's salt free, sugar free, and gluten free. Perfect for a Whole 30, Paleo, or Primal salad. Leave the chips and dairy off!

This method can be used for most ground meats for Spaghetti Sauce, Spiced beef,  Frito Pies, etc.
This can just was easily be made on the stove top!

Taco Meat

2 pounds lean ground beef
1/4 cup taco seasoning, or to taste
1 cup water or salt free stock or broth
Salt and Pepper to taste
Taco shells and toppings or  build a salad and add corn chips

Thawed Beef:
  1. Place once cup of water in the pot.
  2. Add a trivet.
  3. Place meat in one to two whole pieces on the trivet.
  4. Set the pot to MANUAL, HIGH pressure, for 25 minutes.
  5. Let the pot naturally release pressure.
  6. Remove meat, drain the water and fat into a measuring cup and skim off fat if there is a lot.
  7. Return meat to the pot and chop it up with a wooden spoon or a Mix and Chop. You can also use a stand mixer, or hand mixer to break it up.
  8. Add one and a half cups of liquid from the measuring cup back into the pot. Add water if needed to make 1.5 cups.
  9. Stir in taco seasoning, making sure that the bottom of the pot doesn't have food stuck on it.
  10. Close the lid and set pot to MANUAL, HIGH pressure, 5 minutes.
  11. Let the pot naturally release pressure.
  12. Stir and season to taste.
  13. If there is too much liquid in the meat you can push SAUTE and reduce some of the liquid, we like ours to be a little on the wet side.
  14. Serve as tacos, or as a taco salad.

For frozen beef cook for 30-40 minutes.

Stove Top Method:
  1. Brown the meat in a sauce pan or skillet.
  2. Drain, add seasoning, and stir.
  3. Add about a cup of liquid and cook for 5-10 minutes more on a simmer.
  4. Season to taste.

FREEZER TIP: Freeze cooked or raw ground beef in flat thing layers in a freezer safe bag for quick thawing.

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