Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Freezer Tip: Tomato Paste and Yogurt Starter

How to freeze tomato sauce in bags do you can easily break of portions.

Quick freezer tip. When you have extra tomato paste or want to save small portions of yogurt starter for next batch of yogurt freeze it in a zip top bag. Then squish it flat. Score lines with a chopstick or wooden spoon. Freeze the bags flat until they are completely frozen. After that they can be stacked easily. When you need a portion just open up your bag and break off a piece.
This method also works for ground beef and other ground meats.
Frozen cubes of pumpkin puree are recipe ready.

I do have a herb freezer that I freeze paste, broth, coconut milk, etc in. It is in cubes, like an ice cube tray. The good thing about that is I know it holds a few tablespoons each. I don't often cook with precise measurements, but when I do it's nice.

I also freeze lime juice in a gallon bag.  The girls juice a huge bag for me. I just throw it in the freezer and every once in a while I turn in so that it won't freeze solid but it will be easily scooped with a spoon. Here is a picture that is the worse example ever because I'm almost out! You basically want to move the bag around every couple hours or so. that way the ice crystals don't freeze in one solid sheet but in clumps like a snow cone.

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