Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 School Lunches 308-319

HAPPY TUESDAY! It is election day here in the United States, so I hope all those that can vote will go out there to do so fully armed with knowledge, research, and educated on who they are voting for. ALL the way down the ballot!
My oldest was running out the door while I made these lunches. She grabbed hers while I finished the rest. HAHA.

In Yumbox containers
Chicken Salad on croissants NO nu(I have a Curry Chicken Salad and a Cranberry Chicken Salad posted, this is just a no fuss one with mayo, mustard, seasonings.)
Bell pppers
Lock N Lock containers
Taco Salads
Thermos containers with hot taco meat and chips not shown.
I totally had to tape one of the kid's chips to the lunch bag because it wouldn't fit. I used painters tape, but she even got a little note!

Yumbox containers
Random right? Sorry.
This is all leftovers from our dinner, along with fruit and cheese, and lemon pound cake. So random. There's Larb Gai, Udon noodles, Korean bbq ribs and veggies, seaweed salad. Pictures of the meal below.

The night of Halloween I packed everything in bags. I usually don't do this, I feel it's very wasteful for us. But I was SO tired. Anyway, I made some AWESOME hot dogs that my husband and kids RAVED about, along with chili but my youngest didn't eat that. The oldest kids and DH really liked it. I was amazed. Usually none of us really eat hot dogs, but I cooked these with whole spices and they were so good. The recipe is scheduled along with the chili recipe.

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