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Coddled Eggs (Oven or Instant Pot)

Perfect Coddled Egg breakfast, but this was our dinner..

I don't think I've ever blogged Coddled Eggs, which is surprising because they are one of my favorite ways to have eggs. I used to bake them in a oven in a water bath and I'm just not a fan of messing with water baths. These can still be made in the oven or simmered/steamed on the stove, but my Instant Pot makes them in about 1 minute cooking time. Which means we have them more often! That's what we'll do today. 

This is a method so I kept the recipe very simple. You can put whatever you want in with your eggs, butter and cream are standard to me. You can add grated cheese, chopped ham, cooked chorizo, sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, asparagus, use bacon grease to grease the Coddlers. Don't like cream? Umm.. leave it out, but try it with too! Spice up your Coddled Eggs with different herbs and spices.
For something completely different, use a tablespoon of  Dashi stock and a little soy sauce with a sliver of ginger.

Ready for the lid and Instant Pot.

Dip strips of toast into the egg, or spoon out the whole thing over a crispy slice of buttered baguette. You will not be disappointed. They are like poached eggs but better.

I can fit about 5-6 Egg Coddlers in my Instant Pot, I have a 6 quart.

If you don't have any Egg Coddlers you can use small mason jars, or ramekins (cover them with foil before baking or cooking in the Instant Pot). I purchased my Egg Coddlers at Williams Sonoma about ten years ago, I'm so glad I purchased 8, they are so hard to find anymore. I hear you can use baby food jars also. I have never tried it.

Bacon in a yummy bath.

If you have a different pressure cooker you can certainly use it, but I can't give you any tips. I'm really new to Pressure cooking as it is. But I will say that it's been easy to adapt recipes to use in my pot, so give it a go!

The best thing about using this quick method is that I was able to make seconds and thirds for my kids in a flash!
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Give Peas A Chance Coddled Eggs

(Recipe is for one egg)
Butter to butter the inside of the Egg Coddlers*
1.5 teaspoons heavy cream 
1 egg*
2 tablespoons/mix ins (Optional)
Toppings (Optional)
1 cup water for pressure cooker, regardless of how many eggs you make you only need one cup of water 
  1. Butter Egg Coddler with butter.
  2. Add cream.
  3. Carefully break egg/s into the coddler.
  4. Place lid on top. If using ramekins, cover tightly with foil. (At this point you can refrigerate overnight and cook these in the morning.)
  5. Add water to the pressure cooker insert.
  6. Place egg on the trivet in pressure cooker.
  7. Place lid on the pressure cooker, close the vent.*
  8. Select manual, HIGH PRESSURE, one minute, two to three if you like your eggs a little more firm. You can also cook for three minutes on STEAM.
  9. Once the cycle is complete, wait about three to five minutes. Depending on egg size and how well done you like your eggs. (This works perfect for one egg in each coddler, you may need longer wait time if making two eggs per ramekin/coddler. Time doesn't need to be adjusted if you're doing six different eggs in six different coddlers. Amount of mix ins may also effect cooking time.)
  10. Carefully turn the vent to open to release the steam.
  11. Remove the eggs top with toppings and serve. 
  • If your eggs aren't cooked enough, give them another minute, I haven't had to do this but I seem to have a hotter pot. Some readers have said that their eggs needed more time.
  • You can use anything to grease the coddlers, butter, ghee, coconut oil, oil, lard, etc.
  • If you are using ramekins that are bigger, you can do two eggs per ramekin. Two eggs will fit into my coddlers, but cooking time/resting time may need to be adjusted.
  • Oven Method- bake coddlers in a water bath in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.
  • Mix ins- sauteed mushrooms, cooked asparagus, cubed ham, cooked/crumbled chorizo, etc.
  • Toppings- Chives, fresh herbs, crumbled bacon, smoked salmon, capers, caviar, diced tomatoes, salsa, scallions, truffles, truffle salt, cubed avocado, etc.
  • *Use all precautions when using your Instant Pot, making sure the sealing ring is on correctly, etc*

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