Friday, June 10, 2016

Free Friday Week, our week of 5/29-6/4 in review.

YAY for Friday!
We started this week by finishing a Harry Potter marathon that we started the last Friday night. After church and soccer games that is.
I don't think I'll ever tire of these movies or books.

It's corn season around here, and look at this baby corn attached to this bigger cob!? So cute, sadly it's getting harder to find good corn. This was okay 

My sweet friend who is living in Germany sent me this FABULOUS mug! Macaron and tea? Yes please!
I worked on making some dashboards for planners and scored a vintage typewriter for under $30! (The typewriter is from a couple weeks ago). I'm still using paper planners and find that I'm much more effective and productive when I write things down.
The weather has been so gorgeous, I wouldn't mind it staying this way then just easing into Fall.
I chose an Alice in Wonderland theme for the week.
Because, it's too hot too cook.

Have a wonderful week! Be sure to come say hi on instagram or Facebook!

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