Friday, June 3, 2016

Free Friday Week in Review on Instagram 5/22-5/28

Hello!! It's FRIDAY! I love Fridays. It's also one week closer to school being out for the kids. Are the kids in your area out for the summer? Do any of you all have year round school? This week has been so different as far as weather from the past couple weeks. It's been so sunny and kind of HOT. Well, 80 degrees F but still, HOT.  
One of the biggest things this week is Memorial day. So often I think of how blessed we are that DH came home to us... so many have not. I pray for our Gold star families and think of them often, especially on Memorial day. I hope you all had a great week.

 Here is this past weeks recap:
Two of our children lot a tooth this week. I need to get back to the bank and get another roll of gold coins because that was the last for the roll I had! We don't really do the whole tooth fairy thing. They know I put the money out, but it's still fun!

My oldest has had several, I think 4 this week, tryouts for soccer. She and the rest of her team mates are looking for a team to play on. It's sad because everyone is going their own way, people are moving. But I'm praying that God puts her on the team that's best for her.
Of course there is a weekly mani. I did Totoro this week. The kids and I are on a Studio Ghibli kick so it's appropriate. Do you like Ghibli movies? I love them. So fun.
This week, I also caught Pixie sleeping like a pretzel. Out of all the kids, she sleeps the craziest for sure!
Our roses are blooming out back which is a miracle because I have the worst black thumb, or maybe I have the best because I'm so good at killing every plant.

I made some Strawberry Shortcake. I have a recipe here, I'll be updating it sometime this summer.
 So many things going on this week, as I mentioned we had soccer tryouts, my middle little had a chorus and band concert. In trying to find one good thing about it being do hot, I pulled out my Totoro sun dress.
I also baked some pies, strawberry rhubarb which was posted earlier this week, for diner at a friend's house. To watch Real Madrid win the championship.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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