Friday, May 27, 2016

Free Friday Week 5/15-5/21 in Review

Happy Friday! Here's a recap of our week last week.
 So, last week was Starbucks Happy Hour. We didn't go often, actually we only went twice in the almost three weeks that they held the special. Still it was fun. Except that I ordered Decaf, and I'm pretty sure I was given fully caffeinated coffee. I'm shaking thinking about it!
We have a rule around here that the girls can't play on tablets or phones unless it's Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. There are exceptions to this rule. But more often than not we stick to it. The wonderful thing about the kids is that they LOVE to read. They all truly seem to enjoy it. This little one is my youngest, and seeing her follow in her sister's footsteps with a love for reading has been such a blessing.
I suspect the girls get their love for reading from their father and I. Last week was dreary and rainy. I spent one afternoon reading while my nails dried after I finished chores. It was such a blessing.
My first quatrefoil nail. It's not perfect, but not too bad. That and I'm left handed so this hand always looks funky.
I baked chocolate chip pumpkin bread also, the gloomy weather makes me want to bake!
How was your week? Did you have good weather? I hope so, have a great week!

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