Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas in the Kitchen

Joyeux Noël. I made this sign reversal, and hung it with hooks so that I could change it out with the seasons.
Getting closer to Christmas! I really am a little confused with this warm weather we've had lately! Where's my SNOW!? Sigh... I had these visions of being snowed in, sitting by the fire, and snuggling with my family. Oh well, we're still snuggling by the fire! I can't wait until school is OUT for the year! What about you all? How's the weather where you are?

It may not feel like Christmas but it looks like Christmas around here. One of my favorite things in the kitchen is the HUGE sign above our window! I painted the Joyeux Noël sign and as mentioned above, it's easily reversible which is perfect! Nothing to store, and easy to change out with the seasons. I kept the same color scheme throughout the first floor, for one I already had this ribbon and these color decorations (waste not, want not!), and two I just think it flows better. The ribbon on the chandeliers is similar to the one in the dining room. Only difference is a tiny bit of green. I didn't use a wreath on this lighting, I just used garland that I had from years past.

 I decided to leave the top of my cabinets as is. I don't normally have anything up there anyway because I just like feeling of having the tops of the cabinets clear. I feel a little claustrophobic with a lot of things out. That could be because I don't have a decorator's touch, maybe if someone came and put something up for me I would feel different.
I am okay with things on the vent hood so I put a little Christmas tree that matched the trio that's on our fridge up there with some bird cages, a little church, ornaments,  and pinecones. These pine cones are huge! The ones the girls and I found this year are so tiny! I still baked them to kill the bugs and help them open up. I put some in the foyer and living room, I think they are so pretty and simple.

The sign on the vent hood says "O come let us adore Him" and it has the three wise men on it.
I changed the chalk "art" and it says "O come, O come, Emmanuel". I use the term art very loosely as it looks like a 4 year old did it. The girls and I are loving that song this season and have listen to several versions of it over and over again!
I made the two signs by painting a board with chalk paint. After that I cut the design with my Silhouette Cameo on contact paper. I used that as a stencil. I used gold craft paint for the designs.

On the island I have a little milk bottle crate that I put fresh cut Holly in. I used mason jars with water to keep the Holly fresh. So far it's doing well. Some of the Holly in the living room is getting dried out though. Regardless the Holly berries are beautiful and vibrant. I don't have pets and my children know not to eat them, so we're safe here. We also have a gingerbread house Piglet decorated. We'll be adding another soon.
Above the refrigerator I have a trio of trees that we've had for years, along with the mini ornaments.

On our window sill I have this cute Nativity that looks like gingerbread. It's really darling. I got it at Target after the season one year for $5. All the pieces fit in the house and it stores flat in the box.
That's all in the kitchen! What about you? Are you done decorating? I am done! HAHA. I do like moving things around and what not but for the most part, we're just enjoying having Christmas out and seeing the reminders of Jesus' special and miraculous birth. So excited to spend time with family. Soon we'll be baking a cake for Jesus and hanging out with each other and all the decorations won't matter. But for now, as I sit here looking around, it brings a smile to my face.
Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

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