Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Lunches #123-133 Take it Tuesday

I missed last week! What!? Holiday rush already? I think so, I don't know. Maybe that's an excuse. Or maybe I'm just hopeful because I love when Fall rolls around, the air gets crisp. Christmas is around the corner. Love it.  I can't wait. Snuggling with my babies on the couch. Hot cocoa. Boots. YAY!!!

Deviled eggs
Cucumber slices

Same lunches above but in Yumboxes. There's avocado there also.

Meatballs (I put these in the freezer after I baked up some meatloaf mixture that I made extra. Cook once, eat twice y'all.)
Star fruit
Peppermint pudding
Caprese salad
Kale chips

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