Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rebekah- Day 9


Day 9
 I've been so busy that I haven't posted but the story of how Isaac and Rebekah came together had always been my favorite, since before I met my DH and was a young believer Rebekah's servant heart has encouraged me. It was the story told in our wedding day. Did you know that Rebekah was Isaac's only wife? The only patriarch I believe to not have any other but one wife. The wonderful thing about this is that it wasn't her beauty, her heart, or the servant that brought them together. It was God's plan all along. yes she was beautiful, yes Isaac loved her, yes she had a servant heart... Above all that God in his goodness had a plan. 
One of my most favorite things about this chapter is the servant. The story progress, and his faith grows. He starts upright and ends up on the ground before God. Such a beautiful thing to read. 
Of course later on Esau sells his birthright, for earthly things and while Jacob was wrong in his deceit, his desire was for spiritual blessing, Jacob deceives his father, and Rebekah for whatever reason schemes to have Isaac bless Jacob, why? When in Gen 25:23 God had already promised to bless Jacob. 
We're so human. God promises something in his time, and it's so easy to want to manipulate timeline and things to help his plan along, there's no need! 
My biggest comfort and take away is that God had a plan for this family, for his people from day one, and he has a plan for us. Our job is to love him and love others.
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