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Super Duper Publications - GIVEAWAY

Fun Decks come in sturdy tin boxes for travel and easy clean up!

Our wonderful friends at Super Duper Publications are helping parents get ready for summer with some great games. Bright colorful boxed games and fun decks that can go anywhere for on the go learning, that doesn't feel like learning! Here at Give Peas A Chance we've really come to love this company and their games, you can read past reviews, and see fun posts on what we do with our Super Duper Publications products through this link HERE. For 28 (!) years Super Duper Publications has been making hundreds of creative, colorful educational and therapy materials that you and your children will love
I'm always excited for summer break, but as a mom I know that school is just around the corner and learning must continue so that children can retain and build on what they have already learned. I want to continue building on the foundation that my kids have without formally schooling them during the summer break.
While all of our Super Duper Publication's products and games have been wonderful. We all seem to gravitate towards the Fun Decks the most. They can be used and played with for a long as the children want, there's no need to play a game until the "end". Everyone can take turns answering questions, or reading cards.
Understanding Sentences comes with Super Duper's Secret Decoder, a fun way to check your answers!

Two Fun Decks I'd like to personally tell you about today are the Sentence Fill-In and the Understanding Sentences Fun Decks. Both of these decks come in a carrying tin that is sturdy and perfect for travel, and outings. The cards are a thick paper that feels glossy and almost laminated. If my kids got them a little dirty I could wipe them carefully with a towel.  They are great for all of our children, even our early reader who is 5. The Super Duper Secret Decoder in the Understanding Sentences deck is fun. The kids think it's so fun to check answers with the decoder. It has an easily replaceable battery, so that's a plus!

Both Fun Decks we played with came with easy to follow instructions that have game/play suggestions on them. But like I said you can even just read through the cards for fun!

The illustrations are colorful and fun. There are a variety of scenarios and people in all of Super Duper Publication's products. Boys, girls, women, children, elderly, all sorts of people. I love the diversity.
Read more about Super Duper Publication's picks below and get ready for FUN summer learning.

As the countdown to June begins, experts at Super Duper have handpicked six games for parents to consider for leisurely summertime learning. These boxed games and fun decks go anywhere -- sitting in a
restaurant, waiting at the airport or playing in the backyard with siblings.

Listed in alphabetical order, discover these educational card decks and games at Super
Duper's online store:

Auditory Memory for WH Questions Fun Deck • $12.95 • Grades 1+
With titles like Hairy Hank and Earl the Squirrel, kids will love listening to fun, short stories
and then answering questions about them. Each of the 56 imaginative, illustrated cards
always pose five WH questions -- who, what, when, where, and why. Students use their auditory memory skills to answer, “Who found gold in Gold Mountain?” and “Why did Principal Ghostly nearly
faint?” Listening carefully has never been so much fun!

Grammar Chipper Chat • $64.95 • Grades K-5
Prepositions, future tense, subjective pronouns -- let the Syntax Safari begin! Using
animal picture cards, this exciting magnetic chip game explores 16 of the
grammatical structures found on most language assessments. The student fills in
the missing word on the question side using the pictures as cues. When play
(learning) is done, wave the magic wand for easy clean up.

Also available: 100 Extra Magnet Chips • $9.95 and 2-Pack Extra Magnetic Wands • $7.95

Granny’s Candies • $54.94 • Grade K-6
Hmmm, octopus and spider -- how are they alike? Combine the excitement of picking
colorful "candy" tokens from Granny's candy jars with hundreds of opportunities to
expand vocabulary skills. First, you fill up the "candy jars" with "candy" (soft, foamy,
and colorful tokens). Then, players choose question cards from one of eight semantic
areas (or mix and match cards). Youngsters answer the questions, roll the die, and pick
"candy" from the jars. The player with the most "candy" at the end of the game wins. Sounds yummy!

Say and Glue for Language and Listening • $36.95 • Grades PreK-4
"Find the ladybug. Glue it on the ground." Early learners have a chance to be in cut-and-paste
heaven while they listen and learn six important language skills: categorizing, telling what
items are used for (functions), following complex directions, following conditional directions
(if…then), retelling stories (semantic recall) and understanding basic concepts. Appropriate
scissors and glue not included.

Sentence Fill-In Fun Deck • $29.95 • Grades 1+
The plumber fixes the house's ____. Word clues include
stairs, wall, pipes or lights. Students look at 56 whimsical illustrations and finish
four sentences that describe the picture scenes with a noun, verb, adjective, or
adverb. Each of the cards teaches one part of speech. There are 18 noun cards, 10
adjective cards, 18 verb cards and 10 adverb cards. The cards with solid borders
have four sentences that are missing the same part of speech. Students complete each
of the sentences using one of the four words listed under the picture. Cards with checkered borders offer three answer
choices for each of the four sentences. Game ideas are included

Understanding Sentences Fun Deck • $24.95 • Grades K-6
Kids look at the illustrated card (child throwing a stick to a dog) and listen to or read
three sentences to find the one that describes the illustration (The dog is fetching a
stick; The dog buries the stick; or The cat fetches a stick). After mastering this set,
students move to Set Two where they read one sentence (The fish swims in the cool
pond) and search for the matching illustration from a choice of three pictures (duck
in a pond, fish in a fish tank, or fish in a pond). Students check their answers using the Super Duper Secret Decoder.

Find full descriptions and sample cards of these and hundreds of games at

At Super Duper always enjoy free shipping to addresses in U.S. and Canada for purchases over $20. While looking around the website, click on the "Win $50" button and enter the monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Super Duper loves to hear from parents, educators and speech therapists. Your candid comments could be next month's winner.
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