Friday, April 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts and Cards

WOW. Talk about waayy behind right? I still wanted to share the Valentine's that the kids gave to their friends this year. 
Pixie handed out these little make your own Snowmen kits. It's funny, because I just happened to have these and the movie Frozen came out so Snowmen were perfect for an Olaf card. I had the pack of the Snowmen from Target's Christmas clearance. The pack of 20 was originally $5, and I got it for $1.25 I made the printable in black and white because I figured the kids could color it in if they wanted to.
Diva gave out these great pencils that have tongue twisters on them from Super Duper Publications. I found the Ventricular, is that the word? Where the image changes when you move the item? These little stars "wink" when moved. Anyway. They were a steal, I found them at Target for 75% off at the Dollar Spot! There was maybe 12 in each bag too! She wrote on the back of each one.

Piglet is BIG into robots and robotics right now, so these sticker packs from Target were PERFECT. She just opened up each one and wrote a message on them for each of her friends.
So those were our Valentine's this year. Simple but still fun, and NO candy!

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