Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 Bento 258-292 Take It Tuesday

 I will be trying to consolidate pictures into collages so that these posts won't be so crazy long with tons and tons of pictures. With three kids in school now that's 15 lunches a week. Fifteen pictures, the thing is it's not like I make Chraraben bento or pretty bentos, I just pack lunches, so the need for fifty million pictures is silly. But it's fun for me, so I think the way I can streamline things a bit is put each day's pictures in a mini collage. I can't promise it will get done, but the other alternative is don't come on the blog on Tuesday's because that's when I post lunches :) 
Lunches #258-260
Harry Potter
I usually do not make menus, include notes in lunches. But this was a fun lunch to pack. I did forget to pack the Gillyweed (Green veggies). The menu is below.
Harry Potter Sunbutter Sandwich
Gringotts Gold
Scabber's Snack
Un-juiced Pumpkin Pieces
Sorting Hats
Chocolate Frog
Acid pops
Eye of Rabbit

Lunches 270-271 (I only packed two lunches this day because Pixie was home sick with me)
Dragon Fruit
Laughing Cow cheese
Sunflower seeds
Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Lunches #272-274
Quinoa and Spiced Beef
Roasted Acorn Squash
Mushroom (Pixie)

Lunches #275-277
I only have two pictures of these but they were all the same.
Laughing Cow Cheese
Two mini cookies
Lunches #278-280
Mini Corndogs
Mandarin Oranges
Yogurt Stars

Lunches #290-292
Cucumber, Avocado, Tomato salad
Grilled chicken

 *Lunches are packed in Planetboxes
*More Sunbutter recipes and posts HERE.
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Share your latest lunches- if you have a photo to upload, an Instagram post, a blog post. 
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  1. These are all so beautiful!! My son is 13 months so I am now entering toddler food. Thanks for the great ideas!! ~ Ashlee @ thecrunchymoose.blogspot.com

  2. I absolutely love the eyes on the mini corn dogs to look like minions. So cute!


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