Friday, September 6, 2013

Red in my ledger.


When I think of RED I think about
"Red in my ledger"
Not just Black Widow's from the Avengers either.
But red in MY ledger.
Unpaid debt.
Debt that we can't even BEGIN to pay.
We aren't able to pay.
To who?
To a holy God.
Jesus' blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness.
We are free, Yeshua has set us
The holy Lamb of God has been slain.
In Him our new life can
The lamb's blood on the door posts.
Our passover lamb.
Red that washes us white.
White as snow.
All have strayed.
All have fallen.
All have red on our ledgers.
By His wounds we are healed.
Our sin was as scarlet, now white as snow.
Transgressions as far as the east to the west.
Nothing but the blood of

Here the song that my picture is from for free, it's called "We Are Free" 

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