Friday, August 9, 2013


On the couch. With all her stuff.
Today's prompt is "lonely". Soo let's start. 


It's 0005.
The house is quiet.
Pixie has decided that she's sleeping with me tonight.
I love having her next to me.
Her pretty little pouty lips.
Long dark eyelashes that flutter when she rolls over.
Her fifty million blankets.
I don't know how anyone can need so many things to sleep.
Rubber snake.
Pocketbook crammed with more stuff.
It's funny how I'm never alone.
Literally at times.
House "full" or maybe not full enough of children.
All day since it's summer.
SOMEone is near me.
I'm OK with that.
Next year Pixie goes to school.
I'll re enter the workforce.
But until I do that I wonder if I'll be lonely?
I am a loner as it is I think.
I'm good with a book and a cup of coffee.
That's not entirely true, I just am guarded about who I let in.
I do like some company.
I do like being alone.
Guard your heart...
But guarding your heart doesn't mean shutting people out.
We're called to love.
To be selfless.
To be kind.
To be... Christ-like.
Jesus didn't guard his heart.
Not from loving us, loving a world that would shatter his heart.
He loved without ...
So guard your heart from
But not from loving your neighbor.

Sigh, I think five minutes goes by quicker when I sit down to write. I can't gather my thoughts in 5 minutes. Get to the point? Not possible till minute 10 I'd say.

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  1. Great post. I like Pixie. She's my kind of gal. I appreciate your reminder of where we are supposed to share our lives. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  2. Hi There! I am visiting from FMF.

    Your little one is ADORABLE! And I remember when I had to start telling my son that about half of his stuffed animals had to sleep somewhere else. His bed was a crammed zoo!

    I am glad that you can blog, you write really well. I hope you will find my blog sometime. I think we could be good blog-buddies!

    1. thank you so much! I found your post it was beautiful!

    2. HI Katherine! Thanks for looking me up! I am happy to be your newest follower;)

  3. Love this so much, especially your photo!

  4. It's so true Katherine. We can fool ourselves by saying we are content to be alone and that that is a good thing. But all we are doing is protecting ourselves from the pain of rejection. I have finally learned to love being by myself. Now I face the temptation of shutting others out. Always looking for that God- given balance!

  5. Well said. I find myself guarding my heart to the point of pain sometimes. I get tired of being let down too often that I find myself not letting in. Letting in those thoughts of maybe someone needs to be reached out to, maybe someone needs some help cleaning their house, or watching the babies so they can shop alone once in a while. Thanks for that God moment.

    1. I agree, I need to remember that it's NOT about me

  6. Hahaha.... it is a wonder there is any room for her with all her treasures she sleeps with.


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