Saturday, May 4, 2013

May The Fourth Be With You... (Star Wars Nerdiness)

ANNNND I didn't even get a post up for today. I had meant to but I never got around to it so here is a quick post before "soccer Saturday" starts around here. It's May 4th, I had been thinking about it since April! Yes. I am a nerd. Yes I do have a Star Wars shirt on right now.
Anyway, thank goodness for late games this weekend.
Above is a Sugga Sugga cookie, as are the ones below. BEST Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER. I don't use any other recipe here on Give Peas A Chance.

Here are a couple of recent lunches, you can find more here.

Then there's Pixie's costume here

OR make some of these sweet or savory Pastry Puffs

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  1. Those are the coolest cookies! My boys would love to make and eat them. :)

    1. the girls had so much fun! I hope you're doing well Karen.


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