Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chicken... Gizzards

You have to admit, they are Whole30/Paleo/Primal friendly, and if you're eating "tip to tail" you're bound to come a cross a chicken gizzard right? One of my favorite places to get Chicken Livers and Gizzards is Lamberts. So not paleo friendly (not that we eat totally paleo) but so good. Home of the throwed rolls, and the yummiest breaded and fried livers and gizzards. YUM.
These gizzards are not breaded at all. If you take care to trim the gizzards very well, you can get rid of all that makes them so tough. I just pan fried them like a stir fry in home rendered lard. Salt, pepper, and a side of Simple Cabbage Salad. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately just 2-3 of us here will eat gizzards.More for me!
Basically, well trimmed gizzards. Get all the tough silvery "skin" off of them. Rinse. Pat dry. Pan fry in a little hot oil/lard. Like a stir fry, not a ton of lard. Salt and pepper to taste.
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