Thursday, April 25, 2013

You're invited to a Free Foodie Friday Linky Party!

Give Peas a Chance
Let's kick off the weekend with a Linky Party! This invitation is for everyone- so even if you don't blog, please join me.
 Come share your favorite recipes on the Give Peas A Chance (Love Abounds) Facebook page. Find new recipes, and meet other foodies (or wannabe foodies like myself). Throughout the weekend I will share some of your posts, most likely all of them being that this is my first party, on my main news feed, so be sure to tag your Facebook page. I'll also be pinning some of your links on my Find Fabulous Food From Foodies board on Pinterest- if you'd like to Pin to this board leave me a comment here with your Pinterest link and I'll add you!

When- Friday, April 26, 2013 is our first party, I'll announce parties every Friday after that depending on who wants to party. (Feel free to start posting on Thursday the 25th)
Where- Give Peas A Chance (Love Abounds) on Facebook
What- Free Foodie Friday Linky Party

Party Guidelines

If you'd like invite all your foodie friends to join in on the fun!

If you're not a blogger- Please join in on the fun! If you have a recipe that you have written out/typed/is your own, feel free to share it in full.  If you have a photo, I'd love to see it also. If it's a recipe from a source you have found online, please just leave a link to the source and credit the photo also. Please do not cut and paste a recipe from the source, we want to give full credit to the source. If there is a Facebook page associated with the recipe you share, feel free to tag them. Better yet, let them know about the party so they can come link up more fun! We'd love to find new places for awesome recipes.

Bloggers- I can't wait to see all the goodies you post! Please post a photo and link to your post. Don't forget to tag your Facebook page if you have one. 

If you happen to be browsing my Facebook page and see content that is yours or a friend's that is not properly shared via link to credit the source, please message me or email me- I'll take it down or add a link.

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Find me on Twitter- @peasblog
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