Monday, March 11, 2013

Manic Monday- Bunny Rolls

I made these rolls in 2011, these pictures are off my phone. I can't find the ones I took on my camera at home at all. So sad. Sigh. Anyway, basic rolls, snipped with scissors after the second rise. Easy peasy.
Simple  snips for the ears.
This one looks like a gerbil or one that's sticking out his tongue! They look like bulls. Or bunnies with perky ears :P  .So next time I'm going to make unicorns and narwhals.But if you do this, after you snip the ears you can shape them with wet fingers and push them down a little so they lay flat also.Here are some more ideas for celebrating Resurrection Sunday
Tea Dyed Eggs (You can use food coloring or beet juice also)
Don't forget the Bunny Rolls
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