Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mommy Parties- Littlest Pet Shop Viewing Party

The girls set out some of their Littlest Pet Shop toys.
We were chosen to host a premiere/viewing party for The Hub's newest show Littlest Pet Shop. An animated show about a girl named Blythe who moves to the big city. When she gets to the big city, Blythe discovers she can talk to the pets that are in the Littlest Pet Shop below her apartment. The Littlest Pet Shot is in danger of being closed down, so Blythe and the new friends she's made host a fashion show to raise money. Blythe is quite the fashion designer and her designs are a big hit! If you haven't seen the show you can watch full episodes on The Hub's website HERE. You can catch the show on Saturdays 11:30am ET/8:30am PT on The Hub. 
Here's a quick synopsis of the show from The Hub's website

The half-hour animated comedy series follows young Blythe and her father as they move into a big city apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop – an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds including a panda, gecko, and even a mongoose. But the real adventure begins when Blythe discovers she can miraculously talk with the animals! The pets may be small, but their big personalities often lead to uproarious pop music-inspired song and dance sequences.
My girls have Littlest Pet Shop toys and really like them, they even have them on their Christmas lists this year. Some of their friends also collect Littlest Pet Shop, so they were very excited to see the show. My girls really liked the show, there are two girls (the Biskit twins) that aren't very nice to Blythe. They try to sabotage the fashion show. Just a perfect example of how we shouldn't treat others! The animals are drawn true to Littlest Pet Shop style, very cute!
For our party we had some friends over for a light lunch and the screening. We also headed out to the park with masks provided by Mommy Parties/The Hub. We had to reschedule our party, it was moved back once due to the storm (Sandy), and again because my sweet Piglet got sick. It was so fun though and I'm so glad we were picked to share this with our friends.
Here are some pictures from our party taken by a friend of mine-
Masks, Littlest Pet Shop brushes, Littlest Pet Shop lip balm.
How cute are those Russell masks? Here's more about Russell
Russell is the overly scheduled and incredibly detailed organizer of the group.  He keeps everyone on track, making sure the others don't destroy the day camp during their wacky, fantasy adventures.  Russell's a hedgehog, and though he's often mistaken for a porcupine, he's happy to point out the difference.
A picture of our menu that  I printed out.
So cute right? You can download this wall paper on The Hub.
MMM food!
I also made a Spinach Artichoke dip and a Buffalo Chicken dip. The posters you see are print outs you can get on The Hub also!

Blythe's Berry Pink Lemonade
Screening time!
Russell Mask!
One of my girl's favorite things to do at these parties is had out the "swag"!
So sweet.
Just some of the kiddos running around!
We had children running in front of us, around us, behind us! They had their masks on and were ready for fun!

 *thank you Angel for these gorgeous SOOC shots <3 a="a" can="can" find="find" her="her" here="here" href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angel-Murphy-Photography/190193347729958?ref=ts&fref=ts" on="on" target="_blank" you="you">Facebook

Disclaimer: I was provided a DVD for the purpose of the screening party, and favors to pass out. I was not under any obligation to write a positive review, all opinions are my own. Thank you Mommy Parties and The Hub.
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