Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jamberry- GIVEAWAY

My nails with Multicolor Chevron. (The cuticle oil rocks too.)
OK so I've posted about Jamberry before. They are nail shields that don't chip. They are vinyl and not polish so there's no polish odor. Read my post from before HERE. I have quite a few of these and I don't know it may be my nail shape and I don't like growth to show so mine are usually on for 1- 1/2 weeks before I take them off myself. I will say this do NOT peel these off. They can be taken off with nail polish remover, or a little heat from a blow dryer, or soak your fingertips in a little oil- olive, coconut, baby oil, etc. They are made to stay on and they will damage a nail if you just peel them. I don't have long nails, I wear mine short but these are great for any length.
Lisa, my consultant is a Stay At Home Mom, she knows Jamberry, loves the product, her job and helping customers. You can visit her on her website HERE, or on Facebook HERE,. Lisa is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and has awesome customer service. I had a wrong shield sent to me once and she sent out the correct one right away. If she doesn't know the answer to a question, she finds out and gets back to me right away. Also, she's big on samples if you'd like to try a shield on. Send her a message and she'll get back to you!

*Right now if you buy three sheets of Jamberry ($15 each) you get one free AND you get free shipping! I mean really? So awesome. Each set can do about 2 sets of fingers AND toes. Depending on how you wear your nails. What an awesome deal. Let Lisa know I sent you! If that isn't already an amazing deal, if you host a party you get amazing rewards seen here. This company takes care of customers. On top of those benefits from November 1-15th you can earn a free sheet of the Snowmen pictured above. I reached the fourth tier with an online party, I bet you could too!  Jamberry are such a fun affordable to express your style. These would make great gifts for the holidays. Fun stocking stuffers, and they fit nicely into a greeting card to brighten up a friends day.
 What's even more awesome is the shield that's up for giveaway. You can NOT buy this shield, but Lisa earned it and she's going to offer it up - along with some application tools/surprise goodies, to one of my lucky readers! Check out this Christmas Sweater design SWEEET!

Christmas Sweater

Here's some more information on Jamberry from Lisa's site-
Application instructions, although there are several methods and Lisa has links to them all. She also is great about helping you troubleshoot if need be.
Removal instructions can be found there also.

Do I need to apply a base or top coat?
No. If you're very active you may consider applying a thin line of nail glue along the edges.
Do I have to be certified to apply the Nail Shields?
No. Anyone can apply Jamberry Nail Shields!
Will Jamberry Nail Shields leave a residue or ruin my nail?
What if my nail is too big or too small for the Nail Shield?
If your nail is too small, you can easily trim the Nail Shield with nail scissors for a better fit. If your nail is too big, try stretching the Nail Shield after it’s been warmed with the hair dryer to fit your nail. When warm, the Nail Shield will be pliable.
Can I go swimming wearing the Nail Shields?
Yes. The adhesive on the Nail Shields are pressure and heat sensitive and create a waterproof seal if they are applied correctly.
I did these with some samples I was sent. So the polish on my solid pink nails look funky, the other nails are Jamberry!
One of my favorites is this Gold fishnet on clear. LOVE.

I won these bats! You should join Lisa's Facebook for contests!

Some of my Jamberry.
Find Lisa, Independent Jamberry Consultant
 Website here 
 Facebook here.

 If you are in the US and are 18 years of age or older, enter below to win the Christmas Sweater Jamberry sheet, and other surprise goodies from Lisa! Read the rules HERE, first.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample/s of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. All pictures are from the companies site, unless noted.
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