Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jamberry, You're invited! (Nail Shield Giveaway)

You all are invited to a PARRR-TAY! That's right! I'm inviting you to my Jamberry party! Have you heard of Jamberry? They are these fun nail shields. They aren't nail polish they are a thin vinyl. Easy to apply, and it doesn't chip. Jamberry lasts for 2-4 weeks. I use my hands a lot. Cooking, doing dishes, washing children, washing... well everything. I also type A BUNCH. So regular polish doesn't last long on me. But these shields don't chip!

Want more information? No pressure, no commitment. You can ask questions on the wall and see photos. If you want you can take advantage of the Buy Three Get 1 Free deal!
Here's my party page on Facebook

To sweeten the deal, if you order under my party (Katherine ) by September 12, 2012. I will enter you in a drawing for a $15 Jamberry gift certificate. Nothing to do after you order, I'll just put your name in a hat for each item ordered. After my party closes, I'll pick a winner. So, if you order one item you get one entry, five items- five entries. If you order 3 shields and get the fourth free, I'll still put your name in the hat 4 times. This is not Jamberry sponsored. I just thought it would be fun. This is only open to where Jamberry ships.

I am not a Jamberry Independent Consultant, but if you're looking for one Lisa is AWESOME, find her here, and on Facebook here.

Checking out the party page? Post below, just so I know. Again, no pressure, just want to see who's partying too!

More pictures (these are from my phone, so they kind of ... well they are worse than my usual photos- sorry!) I only have one shield on below, because I'm using my samples first!

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