Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Bento 97, 98, 99

WHAT? Almost at 100. I feel I should make number100 super special, but let us be real here, packing lunches is a big feat for me. That's one reason I don't make fancy lunches, the other reason is that I'm just not that talented. I do have a giveaway coming up though! It will be a box full of awesome bento goodies, and other surprises to help you pack lunches and just brighten your day!

Pixie's lunch on the top left only has Italian Plums/Prunes, and . It's not what she ate though. I added more to her lunch since we stayed home.
Roasted Chicken- the last of the batch I made to freeze for lunches
Cucumber slices
Cesar dressing
Mango slices
Italian plums/prunes

I added some chicken and avocado to Pixies lunch. She ate EVERYTHING and asked for more cucumbers!
My lunch is below.

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