Sunday, June 17, 2012

Piglet's Kai-Lan Party

Diva helped me set up.
Piglet is turning SIX. Oh goodness, it seems crazy. She's going to be a first grader next year. Time sure does fly. We had her party early, since she doesn't officially turn 6 until July. We were at Party City and Kai-Lan party goods were 2 for $1. She decided she wanted a Kai-Lan party, I didn't say no. Really, 2 for a $1? Awesome.
 I'm crazy, but we had her party in the middle of a move. So we had a partially empty house, which was awesome, but goodness. It was nuts. I decided not to make cupcakes, we just went out and bought them. To top it off, the night before I was making cupcake toppers and favor box decorations, because the seller I ordered from on Etsy never shipped. (Ugh, I even convo'd her before to make sure she could have items shipped to me on time.) Still, it was so much fun.
We had a water play party. The kids spent most of their time outside, all 20+ of them! We had a water bead table, bubble station, they played on the play set, had water guns, and a Pinata. I had wanted to bring out frozen water balloons with food coloring in them for races. Good thing I didn't bring them out! They stain. Can't wait to make them when it snows for decoration though!
So thankful that my friend Angel Murphy Photography was here to grab my camera and take pictures. So while they say Give Peas A Chance on them, she took most of them. I tried to post only pictures that didn't have so many children's faces in them. They are SOOC, with her using my Nikon for the first time, she's a Cannon girl!

Asian Noodle Salad- One spicy and one mild.
Fried Rice (But with Chinese sausage) - thank goodness my mom's in town, she made this for me.
Sweet and Sour meatballs- so good. No picture though.
Fruit Kabobs- the girls made these with strawberries and pineapple

Dessert table
Fortune cookies
Ice pops
Kai-lan fruit snacks


White lanterns and little drink umbrellas hung on the ceiling above the table.
It was so nice and empty in the house we were able to put our dinning room table in the living room. We had it pulled out all the way. Had the food in the center. I decided to feed the children first, so that we wouldn't have to herd them in from playing.
Cupcake toppers.
For the cupcake toppers and decorations on the take out boxes, I just punched out circles from invitations, then mounted them on paper.

Pinata, and take out boxes for collecting candies and little toys.
Take out boxes, Fortune cookies, and paper lanterns were purchased from
I also made some center pieces. I used take out boxes, cut out different images from the invitations and packaging. They were really easy, and simple.

Water bead table! You can get water beads from craft stores, I got these from Amazon. It was a hit. The kids, OK and some adults, stood around and squished them, played with them. (Edited to add- I used 3/4 of this bag of beads for this tub. These are the beads we purchased HERE.)
Waiting patiently for the party to start!
YAY! Let's play!
Birthday girl!
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Bubble table/ station. We put a container of bubble solution on the play set. The kids made their own wands from pipe cleaners, I had straws with yarn for them to use. I also hit up the dollar store and got some rackets, and such for the kids to use. 

Bubble solution
2 cups Dawn dish soap
3/4 cup corn syrup
6 cups water
Stir gently. Let it sit over night.
I found this on Pinterest, it said "the best bubble solution" it was OK.

Dollar store rackets for bubbles.
Pixie, in a literal bubble bath.

Bubble solution got everywhere. Into the the water beads, and on the slide! The kid were zipping down that thing so fast, we had to hose it off. Fun for them, scary for me. DH spent most of his time refilling water guns and on pinata duty.
Let's get started.
"Can you please refill my water gun?"
Water guns.

Pinata time!
We, somehow, gathered the children and had them sit down for cupcakes and ice pops. Ahhh, peace and quiet.

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