Monday, April 30, 2012

HH6 Cooking Challenge- Chicken Paprikash

I'm JUST squeezing this post in! Household Cooking Challenge is a group of bloggers. Some are married to the military, some have family in the military, or both. This months challenge was to pick a dish from another bloggers blog, and make it. I chose this Chicken Paprikash from Pictures of all my Princesses.
Doesn't hers look yummy? I am going to try it with spaetzle next time!
I was going to pull out my Spaetzle maker, but decided to use zucchini noodles instead. After that I thought, why not make it all grain free, Gluten free.There's no nuts, starches, or flour replacements either! I also added mushrooms because I love mushrooms. I really need to sit down and blog this recipe the way I've tweaked it, because it was perfect for us. I'm so back logged on blogging. Sigh.
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