Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30-5/6 ish MENU

Here's the menu for this coming week. I suspect this will stretch into mid week next week.
Our ten year anniversary is coming up (my DH and I.), so who knows what we'll do. Probably more house hunting LOL.

Pork carnitas- I made this Cilantro Citrus Lime marinade a while back. Threw it into zip top bags, put pork loin in it and put it in the freezer. So I can just throw that in the crock pot. (I also made pineapple teriyaki, Sweet N' Spicy ones also.)  Yellow rice, salad, Easy Pumpkin cake <- I need to post this soon. It's so easy!

Green chili posole. I have roasted Hatch green chili in the freezer. I'll use leftover pork from the carnitas. I need to remember to soak the hominy!

Turkey Larb, sticky rice, cucumber salad

Matzo ball soup with leftover turkey or chicken.

Pork stir fry- maybe Thai basil?  (bell peppers, onions, broccoli) I may add cabbage too I have that.

add leftover days and that should be good! What are you all having?
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