Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flavored Coffee Ice Cubes

So, you've made your "Sweet nectar of the gods", cold brew. Don't water it down with regular ice cubes! Freeze that coffee so you'll have coffee ice cubes. But try these different ideas. Perfect if you want to add flavor to your coffee, cool a cup of coffee down, add one to a cup of hot chocolate, or keep your iced coffee cold! OR use them for frappachinnos and mikshakes! YUM. When blending them up into a frozen drink add some cocoa nibs OOOOOO.

Freezer Tip: Freeze your ice cubes, them keep them in a labeled plastic bag or container to keep freezer odors from making them stale tasting. Find more Freezer Tips here.

  • Just coffee- if you like it black
  • Just creamer/half and half
  • Just creamer mixed with sweetened condensed milk
  • Coffee flavored with an extract that is good for cold temperatures. That way if you want different flavors you can just used different cubes!
  • Coffee and sweetener

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