Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Friday

We've gotten most everything from Christmas put away, last week of December! I still have some empty boxes that I need to decide if I'm keeping or not. At the start of the cleaning the girls had their Schleich toys out for a most of the day. Thank you Grandma H for the Christmas money! It was the battle for Narnia here at GPAC headquarters. But, here is what it looked like here on Christmas morning.

We got up. OK I got up, put breakfast in the oven. Waited for the kids to get up. Then we snuggled in bed while Diva read the Christmas story. Open stockings in bed. Had breakfast, after the girls checked to see if  Santa ate his cookies. We took our time opening gifts, the girls played with every gift as they opened them. We skyped with family so they could see the girls open the gifts that they had purchased for them. It was a wonderful Christmas. More on that in a later post.

I'm also going to start messing with my camera more and learn to use it a little. So, if you have tips on how to do that,  for me leave me a comment! (Don't get your hopes up, I'm not thinking that the pictures on this blog will improve that much, but you're not here for the pictures are you?)
The White Witch...
White Witch, recruiting.

She recruited many, even the dinos.


While the battle raged on I put away ornaments. I'm so glad I only took out the small tree and one box of ornaments.

Put the Nativity sets away.

Managed to find all of the helicopters. Seriously camouflage.
Diva made this one.

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