Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schleich Toys- Giveaway

Have you or your children seen toys from Schleich, or played with them? I had seen them before in specialty toy stores and Target. But the girls have never played with them. They are so neat! They are sturdy and well made. The animals we received are HAND painted so realistic, the eyes are glossy and look realistic also. Unlike other figurines we have that just has a black dot for the eyes. This is definitely something the girls would love more of.
Schleich sent us two scenery packs. The one pictured above and this one here. The children LOVE these things! Like fight over playing with them.  All three of the girls played with these until we told them they had to stop and go to bed. I love that these toys encourage children to use their imagination.
The rabbits fit in the hutch and there are two side doors, including the front doors that open and close. The gates form a little play area.
The dog agility coarse has weaving and jumping poles, an 'A' frame  and see saw- a working one!

I asked some of my friends if their children liked these figureines and I got some huge raves! Some highlights that were mentioned were-
water tight- the figures don't have holes so water doesn't get trapped in them
realistic detail
consistent scale
figurines work together- knights fit on the horses, etc
most of the animals have a scale printed on them, which is geeky and cool
paint withstands rough play and multiple baths
figurines stand and don't fall over
 This is what their rep told me about their toys and the new Smurfs toys!
"All our toys are natural and accurate copies of the animals, people, historical periods and fantasy worlds they represent.  Each toy mould is precision engineered by a German master craftsman who works on the finest details for up to six weeks.  Af­ter moulding and finishing, the figurines are all painted by hand – meaning each toy is absolutely unique!

For the Smurf line, we have been designing and manufacturing Smurfs since the 1960’s and this year we have released 5 scenery packs each commemorating 5 figurines we launched in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s in addition to introducing 6 figurines representing characters from the upcoming Smurfs 3D movie."
I was also sent this cool coffee table book, Anywhere's A  Plaground: Schleich 75th Anniversary. This is such a fun book. It's a high quality hardback and the pages are a nice weight. The photographs are beautiful, it catalogs the history of the company and it's toys.  Great coffee table book. 
My girls got to see how the toys have evolved. The process that the artisans take to create each new figurine.
Grown ups will find the history of the company and stories fascinating.
Would you like some of these toys?
You can purchase them on Amazon. I've seen them at specialty toy stores and Toys R Us also. I wish our Target carried them but I don't see them there anymore!

You can also enter to win your own Dog Agility Nature pack! Thanks to the awesome people at Schleich! Click to read more and enter! (Please read this before entering any giveaway's here on GPAC blog, entering our giveaways means that you have read and agree with all terms.)
*I'd like to thank Schleich for providing product for review and for sponsoring this giveaway. The review and opinions in it are my own unless noted. I was not paid for in anyway for my review.*

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