Friday, October 7, 2011

One Bath and Body

One Bath and Body is a company that makes gorgeous soaps, shampoos, lotions, lip balms, bath salts and more. Beautiful products and beautiful presentation that makes you feel like you're spoiling yourself.

I was able to test three products from One Bath and Body. The first was After Shower Skin Conditioning Bar. This bar is awesome. Melts into your skin after a shower. I used it at night and in the morning my skin was so soft. I also used it on my feet and they were smooth and soft. I love this bar so much that when I saw one at Target I picked another one up! I let me girls use it also. Diva had no issues with her eczema flaring up! The scent is light and lingers. Not strong at all.

The next item I tested was a shampoo bar, the Hair Biscuit. It comes in a little tin that helps keep the shampoo dry. Each biscuit is equal to THREE 8 ounce bottles of shampoo. Talk about less waste! This shampoo lathers a nice thick rich lather that rinses away easily. Just two to three swipes on the top half of my hair, that is down to my lower back, was all I needed to get an amazing lather.
I also got to try the solid conditioner. I usually DRENCH my hair in conditioner. With the bar I wasn't able to do that. But I didn't need to. The first time I used the bar I rubbed it all over my head thinking that I needed to coat my hair. Not so much. It was a bit greasy. Though it was very easy to comb through ;).  The next time I used the conditioner I used less. My hair was still so easy to comb through, conditioned and light. Not weighted or greasy at all. 
I used the Hair Biscuit and Conditioner on my girls and Diva's hair was so easy to comb through, no tears!
Another cool thing about these products and the company is that the package is eco friendly- no plastic, all recyclable or bio degradable. Cruelty free and planet friendly!
I was sent products to review. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.
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