Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sewing kit for a toddler

When MIL emailed me to ask what Pixie might like for her birthday I sent her some ideas. I had seen this on and thought, I need to make her one of those she would love to sew. Especially since her sisters are learning to sew. I passed the idea on to MIL and she made Pixie the CUTEST little bag with her name embroidered on it. With extra needles, different types of string and extra shelf liner. PERFECT. She loves this little kit! 
This is perfect for practicing fine motor skills. Pixie just turned three, so this is safe for her.
Some tips- 
Get shelf liner with fairly big holes but not too large- just large enough so the needle isn't hard to pull through
I don't knot the string to tie it off when she starts. I just sew a couple of stitches for her. Once she's done I can pull it all out if needed to store it
MIL sent some different types of string, which is perfect, the textures are great for little hands
Check her out.

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