Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Primal/Paleo Pho

So, I love Pho (I have a couple recipes posted). I'm not 100% Primal. I have no issues with white rice and I just try to eat less grains. I decided to try carrot and daikon "noodles". I shredded them with my fancy schmancy $12 shredder. Lurch Spirali, thank you TJMaxx.
Here is what the carrot (that was one BIG carrot) and the daikon looked like. They came out in long spiral strands.


To serve the Pho with these "noodles" I put them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, depending on how tender you want them. 
Tonight I started everyone off with a mixture of rice noodles and the carrot and daikon. Everyone but Pixie loved it.  Dh had his second bowl with just the carrot and daikon noodles. Diva and Piglet ate it right up. Pixie, who loves daikon and asks for it in soup didn't like it. Which is fine, as her mom I still require her to eat what's put in front of her or take at least a couple of bites. It will (maybe) grow on her.
This is a bowl WITH rice noodles. You can tell the daikon is more transparent. It has a good bite to it. The carrot was surprising to me, I thought it would be too sweet. But it didn't taste sweet at all. I'll serve these noodles with Pho from now on. I will still serve the rice noodles, but I'm all about adding fresh veggies to meals. Great alternative for Primal/Paleo dieters.
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