Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wong Gee Chinese Restaurant (Dim Sum) Maryland/DC

I already reviewed this restaurant once HERE. I still think the food here is great. Today the service was so so, I had to ask for water and had to call the waitress over twice. It was busy, though. My one beef is that the last time my mom and I went with the girls the service wasn't that great so my mom tipped 15% as we walked away the waitress said "that's it? that's not even 20%", I told myself I wouldn't be back there. I had forgotten about that until I saw the same waitress today. She was much better today. 
I took the girls out for lunch/Dim Sum. It was good. The food was hot and fresh, not dried out- with the exception of one item below. Sometimes you go to places and the food has been in the carts for so long it's just yuck.  Here is what we had today.
Salt and Pepper Prawns. This is our exception item. They were not crispy and fresh. They were cold. Still good though.

We all liked these roll flat rice noodles. 

Diva wanted chicken feet and I didn't see any... until after I ordered these duck feet. Oh well. They were good, cooked in a sauce with Chinese five spice. Diva and I ate these and the other girls just tried it. I had all of the girls eat a piece of duck blood (on the left) and they didn't hate it but didn't like it.
Duck feet.
 Piglets fave is the BBQ pork Bao. She ate three!
Duck feet.

We always finish with tofu. Warm yummy in a sweet syrup. I do like this better at home, I add extra ginger to the syrup.
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