Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bento 2011- 47, 48


 Made a lunch for DH this week. A salad, fruit and some cinnamon swirl bread I made with cream cheese.

Diva and Piglet had the exact same lunches. 
Cinnamon Swirl bread with cream cheese
Pepper stuffed with cream cheese
Fruit jelly

Cinnamon Swirl bread! 
Don't forget in just a few days! GIVEAWAY! I have asked a group of amazing artisans to help me celebrate 800+  posts here on GPAC. So on March 10 I'll be putting up a post with pictures of some amazing prizes- natural care products for your home, beauty products, jewelery, party items, and so much more, stay tuned you won't want to miss this. I wish *I* could win them!
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