Friday, February 11, 2011

Cooking, Tasting. Testing.

 Some foods we're eating, some I'm testing recipes/taking pictures... working away on the cook book!

 Udon noodle soup with carrots, bok choy and sliced roasted pork.
 My parents sent this for Chinese New Year. Sticky rice steamed in banana leaves with a pork and yellow bean filling. Sliced and pan fried, it's so good.
 Working on the perfect, soft sandwich bread... getting there!!
 Late night snack for me. Broiled steak, medium rare with seasoning salt and butter. Rice and tomatos.
 Baby bok choy with a black bean sauce. YUM...
Pumpkin Caramel rolls. I've made these three times since the begning of January... SO GOOD! Can't wait to share them with you!
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