Monday, January 3, 2011

Cookbook and the non resolution

My six year old making us green eggs and ham for breakfast.

I don't like to make resolutions. I have before but eh. I was and have been thinking about this cookbook though. I'm going to start picking favorites and hopefully retaking pictures and working on a SMALL(er) project. A few thoughts I have

- Some of my earliest pictures and even current ones aren't that great. I know that whatever pictures I take aren't going to be fantastic but I think improving on lighting and such will make a more beautiful book.
- Small(er) project= smaller book(s) Which means either themed books or just a collection in different books, eventually in the event of a miracle.
- In keeping with my original reason for this book (you an read more about that in the link above or search cookbook on this blog), I want to include personal recipes and stories but I may have to figure out how to cut out some of the stories out, so I can include more food.
- Bento section- I may or may not include it. I have one in the current (huge) book, just pages of thumbnails of lunches. I may take most of them out and just include a picture here and there. Or just take them out. Originally I thought it would be fun for the girls to look back and see a bit of childhood. Now I am thinking space hogs, LOL.
- What to include. I'm just not sure. There's so much. I need to condense. So.... any input on that would be awesome. What should I include? Take out? Any faves you have?
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