Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A gift for my children, inspiration and help please...

*** UPDATE HERE- I started and it's been fun but I didn't realized I had so many recipes photographed, so I am already behind but i am still open to ideas! thanks***I decided to start a going away to college, moving out, getting married what have you gift for my kids. If I start this now it should be fairly decent when my oldest is 18... the thing is I have writers/starting/perfectionists block. So I am getting ideas from anyone and everyone. I want to make a recipe book, much like my blog, but with stories and pictures of family and friends together and gatherings also. I just need to start. I am going to use Blurb
I need ideas on how to separate chapters, I had this idea of doing each chapter a different color background so it would be easy to find everything, the only problem is color availability, there are only 8 good colors to choose from that I think would be good for a cook book and reading recipes. So how do I narrow down headings?
here are some ideas I had but I don't like them, I prefer them differently, but to narrow it to 8 is probably impossible- appetizers, breads, casserole, desserts, eggs/cheese, fish/seafood, meats, pasta/rice, salads, sauces, soups, vegetables
children/fun recipes

Should I just do a nice clean cookbook with all white pages? Black boarders on the pictures?
Should I do step by step photo's or finished results only?
two page spreads? or one? I am certain two page spread will be easier when I have to move things around as I add pages to certain chapters

Am I over thinking this? it seems like it would be such a simple thing to do...
I can't wait to put recipes from dh's grandparents in there, my mom, I am excited. But can't start LOL... so help please?

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